FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

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         HE Customs Commissioner Speech

        A Glorious Past, Dynamic Present, and Bright Future

        For more than 100 years, our wise leadership has been keen on providing and demonstrating its full support to the UAE customs industry - on both the local and federal levels. Hitting its second successive century, the UAE customs sector is proud to have secured a leading position in the global customs industry, thanks to its dedicated and highly professional staff (from top management to inspectors) who has been working around the clock to develop and improve this vital sector.

        Today, these decades-long development efforts are paying off. By facilitating trade, simplifying procedures, fixing customs duties, and fostering cooperation with global partners, our world-class custom industry helps the UAE boost economic growth, improve competitiveness, and achieve higher social security.

        Despite all these advancements, our ambitions do not stop here. This progress is only a first step in our long and continuous journey of hard work to support the ambitious vision of our leadership and the aspirations of our citizens who dream of a better and more prosperous future. With this in mind, we have set an ambitious 50-year plan to transform the customs industry by 2071 which marks the 100th anniversary of our glorious nation.

        Over the next 50 years, we will focus primarily on supporting social security and stability by fighting illegal practices (such as smuggling, money laundering, terrorism financing) and increasing the use of smart gate solutions based on AI and industry-4 technologies. We also aim to facilitate trade, simplify procedures, minimize cargo clearance time, reduce overlap between monitoring functions, decrease costs and increase agility/compliance/safety across the supply chain, and above all this equip our people with the knowledge, skills, capabilities, and tools they need to well-manage the increasing security and trade challenges.

        Driven by our big ambitions and our leadership’s constant support, we are sure to continue our successful journey and achieve leading global positions over the next decades.

        Ali Saeed Alneyadi

        Commissioner and Chairman of Federal Customs Authority