FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

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         Authorized Economic Operator

        What is the Authorized Economic Operator program“AEO” ?
        - A voluntary Compliance and Security program for the trade supply chain that fulfils the eligibility based on World Customs Organization (WCO) SAFE framework, so they can join this program, get certified and enjoy benefits as trusted operators.
        Who can apply?
        - Any active actor in the UAE supply chain that fulfils the eligibility criteria can apply for AEO status.​
        Apply in:
        Customs Department Email Contact Number
        General Administration of Customs in Abu Dhabi UAEO@adcusto​​ms.gov.ae 0097128102352
        Dubai customs
        AEO@dubaicustoms.ae 0097144177634

        AEO Authorization Criteria​

        • Record of compliance over the last three years with no serious infringement

         of customs rules committed .

        • Good financial standing with acceptable credit rating.
        • Financial and cargo related systems consistent with generally accepted principles that will facilitate traceability and audit –based customs control .
        • Appropriate security measures in place to protect cargo and information from unauthorized access .

        UAE Process 

        What's in UAEO ​​for the Customs Sector?

        • ​​Better Understanding of the international supply chain.
        • Improved risk Management.
        • Better resource Allocation.
        • Facilitate Trade for economic growth .

        What's in UAEO for the Private Sector?

        • Greater Speed in customs Procedures  .
        • Lower Operational Costs.
        • Improved Competitiveness when being recognized as authorized by Customs.
        • Better Predictability.
        • Improved Security and compliance ​​. 
        • Utilization of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement benefits
          List of National Benefits in United Arab Emirates​ here
          List of Authorized ​Economic Operators in the UAE ​here
         Mutual Recognition Arrangement
        • A Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) is an arrangement between two countries where their operational AEO programs recognize each other’s AEO program and AEO certified companies.
        • An AEO certified company in one country can receive similar benefits from the customs authorities in the MRA partnering country. This is facilitated through the formalized Arragement where the requirements, procedures and benefits are compared for compatibility.
        • Presently UAE has Mutual Recognition Arrangements in place with:
          • South Korea (Implemented)
          • China (Implemented)
          • Saudi Arabia (Implemented)
          • Bahrain (Implemented)
          • Kuwait (Implemented)
          • Oman (Implemented)
          • Qatar (Implemented)
          • Republic of Indonesia (In Process)
          • Republic of India (In Process)
          • And other countries
        • This means that AEOs established in those countries get benefits when doing business with Customs in UAE, and AEOs from UAE get benefits from Customs in those countries.

        Gulf Cooperation Council Authorized Economic Operator (GCC AEO) Program:

        Since its introduction, the UAE Authorized Economic Operator (UAEO) Program has successfully grown to serve 107 certified operators offering trade facilitation measures such as 85% faster clearance time and more. Mutual Recognition Arrangement with major international Customs Administrations significantly expanded the AEO Program's global cooperation reach covering up to 35% of the UAE trade.

        As part of our continuous efforts to realize the full potential of the AEO Program, we are pleased to announce the Gulf Cooperation Council Authorized Economic Operator (GCC AEO) Program.

        The GCC AEO Program aims to serve the traders across GCC countries through a unified AEO Program. The pilot phase of this initiative will commence on1st August 2022, with a full implementation and rollout expected by 1st Jan 2023.

        To view the Unified Guide and related procedure please find the below: 


        How t​o Identify AEO's Company 


        MRA Strategy

        • For further information  : https://www.aeo.ae
        • For MRA: uaeo@fca.gov.ae ​