FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

“FCA” Forms the Consultation Council with Private Sector

HE H.E Ali Saeed Matar Alneyadi, Commissioner of Customs - Chairman of FCA issued a resolution to form the Customs Consultation Council with private sector in a step to reinforce partnership and collaboration between the Federal Customs Authority “FCA" and private sector in the country with a view to discuss customs issues, projects and initiatives aiming at developing customs operations and promoting its global competitiveness position.

His Excellency said the private sector is a strategic partner on the trajectory of customs development and sustainable development embraced by the country, and also a key player in implementing UAE vision 2020's principles and targets, and is relied on by UAE wise leadership to assume a key role in bringing success to the projects and initiatives of the next fifty years preparedness and UAE Centennial 2071.

In accordance with the resolutions, the Council is chaired by Suoud Salem Al Agroobi, Director of International Relations Department in the Authority, with private sector's representative, elected by members of the council, in the office of vice-chairman. The council comprises up to no more than 20 members from private sector, such members are elected by candidacy in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the resolution, in addition to the directors of Policies and Customs Affairs, Legal Affairs and Operations and Customs Control Departments.

HE Ali Alneyadi expressed Authority and customs sector's pride of partnership and collaboration with private sector within the country and highlighted that such partnership played a prominent role in building customs capabilities and tackling trade relevant challenges through exchanging expertise, experience and cooperation to achieve customs initiatives and projects which contributed to reinforcing community stability and trade movement facilitation.


Council's Objectives

The resolution set Council's key objectives and duties to engage the private sector in laying down State-wise customs policies, perceiving world trade directions, keeping abreast with any updates thereof to avail such updates in drawing up customs strategies and bolstering country's competitiveness in addition to listening to private sector's remarks and insights on customs businesses, practices, initiatives, programs and projects as well as identifying customs challenges and obstacles encountered by private sector, and sharing ideas, suggestions and experiences contributing to developing custom operations in the State.

“Given the increasing challenges in customs and trade domains, a broad horizon of future collaboration with private sector looms so as to accomplish trade prosperity and business ecosystem development to be more attractive in terms of customs and trade. From this perspective, we are keen to develop our relation with private sector into institutional partnership towards entrepreneurship, supporting development and economic diversity policy through the years to come". Said HE Commissioner of Customs

Electing Candidates

The resolution provided for the mechanism of electing candidates, so that the Authority shall open candidacy door to private sector members so desiring based on such procedures and period of time set by the Authority, taking into consideration the precedence of candidacy, where members will be elected from a range of sectors or groups they represent, provided having direct interaction with State customs.

The Authority announced opening candidacy door to private sector representatives aspiring to join the Council to nominate themselves and fill in candidacy form through Authority's website with effect from today until 3 weeks. Individuals interested in candidacy may visit Authority website www.fca.gov.ae for further details, terms and conditions.

Under the resolution, the office of Council member shall endure two years subject to renewal to similar term. As well, Council's vise-chairman will be elected by private sector members for one year and may be re-elected for similar term.​